How can we establish a settled peace and silense in the mind?


First of all, you must want it.

And then you must try and must persevere, keep on trying … … … You sit quietly, to begin with; and then, instead of thinking of fifty things,  you begin saying to yourself, “Peace, peace, peace, peace, peace, calm, peace !” You imagine peace and calm. You aspire, ask that it may come : “Peace, peace, calm.” And then, when something comes and touches you and acts, say quietly, like this, “Peace, peace, peace.” Do not look at the thoughts, do not listen to the thoughts, you understand. You must not pay attention to everything that comes …” 


COLLECTED WORKS OF THE MOTHER – Volume 6 – 8 September 1954 – Published by Sri Aurobindo Ashram Publication Department – Pondicherry – India