All is abolished but the mute Alone.
    The mind from thought released, the heart from grief
    Grow inexistent now beyond belief;
There is no I, no Nature, known-unknown
The city, a shadow picture without tone,
    Floats, quivers unreal; forms without relief
    Flow, a cinema’s vacant shapes; like a reef
Foundering in shoreless gulfs the world is done.
Only the illimitable Permanent
    Is here. A Peace stupendous, featureless, still,
        Replaces all, - what once was I, in It
A silent unnamed emptiness content
    Either to fade in the Unknowable
        Or thrill with the luminous seas of the Infinite.
Sri Aurobindo

By Collected Poems
The complete Works of Sri Aurobindo – Volume 2 
Published by Sri Aurobindo Ashram Publication Department - Pondicherry – India

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